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  • Drama
Events of the series "Twilight hunters season 3", continue the story, which ended in the second part. It is worth Recalling that Cassandra Claire wrote an excellent work on which this project was filmed, in demand among teenagers and older people. Most viewers are interested in a fantastic genre with first-class characters that are remembered from the first season. Clarissa Frey is the Central character of the project from the ABC channel. Clarissa did not know that the world is not what she imagined. Reality was beyond understanding, the world was big, unpredictable. After the girl met strange people, her Outlook has changed. The fact that she said that the girl is a descendant of an unusual kind. The family consists of so-called"Twilight hunters".
the Data characters are characterized in that engaged in the hunting of supernatural evil. The main character will get into the Twilight world, where the rest of the family lives. It turns out that the creatures, which Frey had only heard of the books but seen in science fiction films, there is a parallel world. Now, before the girl is not an easy task to lead a squad of twilight hunters and lead.