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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
The events of the sci-Fi series begin after a meteor shower suddenly appeared in Smallville. At this time, farmer Kent and his wife were driving their pickup truck past the field, where they found something incredible. It was a spaceship and inside they noticed a little boy. Spouses had no children, and the boy was pleasant to them from what and the decision to bring up it as the native was made. Parents gave the boy the name of Clark. soon, as the boy grew up, he discovered superhuman abilities, such as incredible strength, speed, like a jet and invulnerability to any of the human weapons. Naturally, Clark Kent grows up, he needs to go to school and learn. Parents are advised to try not to different from their peers, and Clark listens to them. Passes some time and in town are beginning to notice strange things. Almost every day a resident discovers one of the supernatural abilities. Later it turns out, that likely, this impact meteor rain, past few years ago. Under the influence of kryptonite, from which the guy himself, to put it mildly, feels bad, other residents are endowed with incredible abilities and with many of them Kent has to fight.

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