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  • Genres:
  • Comedy
In the dreams of the main character sat thought to earn a lot of money, like his father, working in real estate. In addition, it is worth noting the bad character of the protagonist. In spite of everything, Stas is confident in his own abilities and believes that if he has enough space, he will be able to earn a myriad of money. Naturally, the guy believes that living in a big city you can find any client who needs housing. All that is there is a guy in the base, he with ease (by their conviction) can pass. But Stas did not take into account the fact that the city has a lot of realtors, different courtesy with customers. Based on this, as well as the cruelty and rudeness of the hero, we can assume that he will not be able to sell anything. In addition, helps Stat (middle name) his assistant, which the guy just can not stand and tries to show everyone that he surpasses her. They have constant quarrels, and they can't stand each other. However, the guy has much to strive for and learn from a partner. It turned out, her work is much simpler and cope with the responsibilities it professionally. While the guy is striving for his dream, he has one trouble after another.