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Original Title: Supergirl
  • Genres:
  • Adventure
  • Drama
  • Action
  • Science Fiction
Channel: CBS,The CW
Creators: Greg Berlanti,Andrew Kreisberg,Ali Adler
Language: English
Description: Kara Danvers, the main character of the series, could be an ordinary girl, live a quiet life and just work as a Secretary in some office, if not for one feature that makes her a special person. The thing is that I was born a girl not on Earth but on the planet krypton. But it turned out that this planet disappeared, and Kara's parents died, but managed to save her, sending to Earth in a special capsule. When the heroine was in an unfamiliar territory, she fell into an ordinary family. So she had an older sister whose shadow she grew up. At that time, Kara may not have guessed that she had specific abilities, but after a few years, the moment came when she had to show them and understand how brave and strong she was.
while watching the news, Kara saw a story about a plane in distress on which she knew her half-sister was on Board. The heroine couldn't allow that was lost, as well as all other passengers therefore she rushed to the aid. It turned out that Kara can fly, and she is so strong that she was able to deploy the plane, put it on the water and save about a hundred lives. Since that day she became a Supergirl and got a job in the Department of Extraordinary Situations ...

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The American Alien

Release date: 14/10/2018
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