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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
The story of the mystical series will tell about the fate of the young hero. The Central character is Scott McCall, the boy who lived a normal life. Sixteen-year-old guy until a certain moment had family, friends and girl Alison, his life was no different from peers. One day, he was not fortunate enough to be in the woods, where the guy was attacked by strange creatures similar to the huge size of the wolf. He was bitten at the time. After that moment, Scott began to realize that something strange was happening to him. First, he noticed that the wounds do heal quickly and he began to move much faster. Naturally, this transformation scared 16-year-old. After realizing that he has become a werewolf, the boy decides to extricate himself and loved ones from the alpha wolf and himself. If he's a werewolf, then he could hurt other people. We have from this moment to start a new life and tell about what happened to the closest friends. But as his story would be perceived by the people?

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