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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
In the distant future, mankind has been able to completely colonize the Solar system. About 200 years have passed since then. Precisely in such a world and develop events receives more superficial treatment "Space 3 season." One of the main planets is a fully independent and Autonomous Mars, which managed to become a separate state.
the main character of the film is Joseph Miller. The person is engaged in that conducts various investigations. One of the next tasks for the man was the case in which he will try to find out where the girl named Juliet Mao disappeared. This case is extremely important for a rich and powerful man from the government, as she is his daughter. It was this man who asked Joseph to find the girl. In addition, the UN conducts its own investigation, it is to investigate the deaths of several space ships that were destroyed near Mars. In the course of the investigation, Miller understands that both cases are connected: the loss of the girl, and the death of the courts of Earthlings. But, to what conclusion will come the hero and that hides Red planet?

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