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  • Drama
In order to become an unprincipled animal, you need more power, a sense of impunity and of course corruption. It is thanks to these qualities that any person will turn into a real beast. In the mind of people present only their rules and laws. In the center of the plot of the series is Tom Hammond. This man started his life as a police officer and was going to make the world a cleaner and better place. But it turned out to be so simple. If it was a decent COP, at nightfall, he turns into a leader of a criminal gang. the Group of the man consisted of the same police officers, as well as he, dreaming of the big power and money. But, one day everything will be broken after a newcomer comes to them, who actually turns out to be an embedded FBI agent. Thanks to the efficient work of the undercover agent, Tom soon finds himself behind bars. But, the thought which has sat down in the head does not give the man rest, and he is going to be released and revenge to the traitor.

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